The proposed scheme to convert the building includes a Community Heritage Activity Plan that aims to encourage community engagement, education and training throughout the life of the regeneration and thereafter.

To help ensure the involvement and interaction with the community, and implement this Activity Plan two part-time Heritage Development Officers have been appointed. An important part of their role will be to engage with local schools, community groups, colleges and other organisations to explore ways in which they can become involved.

For example:

  • Training, employment and volunteering: The renovation of the building will create employment, and create some training opportunities through traditional building construction courses with Edinburgh College. There will be volunteering opportunities prior to the new museum opening and after.
  • Education: There is the opportunity to link with schools, and the museum’s activities will support the Curriculum for Excellence (for example learning about Dalkeith during WW1, and through exploring links with Jarnac in France). Loan boxes and volunteer speakers will be available, in addition to school visits to the museum.
  • Older people: The museum provides the opportunity for reminiscence work, recording of stories, and linking to older people’s home community.
  • Young people: The project is keen to make links with youth groups, schools and colleges to gain views and participation in the development of the museum, and the history as well as the future of the Corn Exchange.
  • Tourism: The Corn Exchange will link to the Dalkeith Heritage trail, and will encourage tourists to visit the High Street.
  • Arts and Culture: The Heritage officer will be responsible for encouraging new interest in the museum and it’s activities, from outside the core group – arts and culture represent numerous opportunities.
  • Outreach projects: Potential ideas include celebrating “immigration/emigration” in Midlothian, 55 years of twinning with Jarnac , linking with drama organisations to produce a play based on the history of Dalkeith.
  • Talks and guided walks related to the heritage trail and the building.

If you are interested in exploring any of these opportunities to become involved in this fascinating regeneration scheme, please contact Rod or Fiona – our Heritage Development Officers:

Rod Lugg | 07525589913 |
Fiona Maher | 07525589912 |


“This important historic building in the centre of Dalkeith has been vacant for a number of years and was becoming a concern to the local people of Dalkeith.”

The Corn Exchange will link to the Dalkeith Heritage trail, and will encourage tourists to visit the High Street.
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