Dimitris Theodossopoulos, tutor at Edinburgh University School of Architecture together with  three students , Aurelie,Priyanka and Bowen presented their findings on the research they carried out on the Corn Exchange  double hammer beam roof  to Melville’s Board meeting yestersday.

Five students were involved in the project and they constructed two models of the roof to look at how the roof structure was constructed and with the aid of computer slimuation how efficient it was in doing it’s job of spanning the space and carrying the load from the roof down to the stone buttresses.They also carried out research on other similar historic roof constructions , in particular other buildings by the same architect as the Corn Exchange , David Cousin .

The Board found the presentation extremely interesting and felt that the findings should be the subject of a workshop to involve a wide community audience . This will be planned and arranged over the next couple of months.

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