David Bruce the author of the recently published book on the forger  Greatrex gave a presentation to the Dalkeith History Society last Monday evening . The talk was very well received , the audience were fascinated on hearing the details of the storey of Greatrex and his two colleaques the Grimshaw brothers.

Greatrex and the Grimshaw brothers forged bank notes in their photographic studio workshop in Glasgow in the mid 1860’s.The Grimshaw brothers travelled by train from Waverley station in Edinburgh to Esksbank station and then walked up the High Street in Dalkeith to off load forged bank notes on the traders of Dalkeith . We know the businesses they visited in the High Street . As they went from shop to shop with their notes people became suspicious and the police were called . Eventually the brothers were arrested in the High Street , the search was then on for the master mind behind the crime , Greatrex himself who had heard of the arrest and then took flight travelling across the pond  to America.

It’s a great storey and due to the local interest we are looking at the possibility of a drama\ reneactment in the High Street later in the year , it can also feature as part of the heritage trail around the town, so look out for updates on this . There will be an exhibition panel in the new museum featuring the storey. A member of the Dalkeith History Society , local resident David Murphy is a bank note buff and is knowledgable about banking and bank notes. It is due to his interest that David Bruce came to Dalkeith and is willing to assist with the development of the G reatrex storey through a local drama event .

greatrex talk 3  From left to right, David Bruce, Joyce Murphy, David Murphy,Alan Mason and Mrs Bruce .

photo of greatrex from the book 2 Photograph of Greatrex from David Bruce’s book