Work is about to start on the repair/restoration and relocation of the Burn’s monument , including new yorkstone paving and interpretative panels as part of the Dalkeith heritage trail .The Burn’s monument , a victorian cast iron fountain was orginally located in the High Street , due to increasing traffic at the busy junction of the High Street with South Street and the Edinburgh Road it was moved to St David’s; Park and then again to the rear of Jarnac Court.The plan is now to bring it back to the High Street opposite the former Cross Keys Hotel .Around the hood/roof of the fountain are four roundrels which contained plaques now lost.We know that one of the plaques contained the profile of Robert Burn’s , another the Dalkeith coat of arms , and another the Masons coat of arms . The intention is to replicate these as accurately as we can .

The work is being carried out by Midlothian Council with assistance from Dalkeith Business Renewal and the Dalkeith History Society .

fountain-view-east2 p1010556  377px-dalkeith-coat-of-arms dalkeith-free-maons-coat-of-arms